Google AdSense Approval Tricks – Tips for Bloggers.

Getting Google AdSense Approval is a big problem in the world. Google updated their policies for some countries Because people earn money by doing fraud. Google banned some Google Adsense accounts because of their bad behavior.

I was also rejected by Google Adsense 3 times but after 3 rejections I analyzed my website and fixed some issues which are not good for the Approval of Google AdSense. Then I will get Google Adsense Approved. Get an Approved Google Adsense is not a big deal after you will get a Google Adsense Approved you think it is very easy.

If you doing Blogging for Money you will do not get Approval, If you doing Blogging to share your knowledge with people then you will get Google Adsense Approval easily.

In this post, I will share all of my experiences with Google Adsense Approval. If you read this article to end definitely you will get Google Adsense Approval Legally.

Google Adsense Approval Tips

There are some policies of Google Adsense, You need to read them carefully and follow these policies. In the above points, I will try to tell you some useful tips to get Google Adsense Approval.

1) Did you read Google Adsense Policies?

If your website is ready for Approval you need to read all the policies of Google Adsense before applying. Google Adsense works on only Genuine and Valuable content.

In Google Adsense Policies there are some criteria you need to follow them without policies you will not eligible for Google Adsense.

All publishers need to follow Google Adsense Policies, If you do not follow these policies without the permission of Google, Google Disable Ad serving on your Website.

2) Valuable and Unique design Site

Create your website with a valuable and Unique design. Google Likes well-designed sites with a white background color. Use a Genuine and Beautiful theme for your website.

You can also create your own Theme on Template Monster. Also, you will get premium themes on Template Monster to use one of them.

Minify your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for loading speed. Google will rank fast-loading websites. You need to use some W3 Total Cache Plugin on your WordPress Website to Minify Codes. This plugin helps us to delete the unwanted cache of your website. Which Slows down your website. If you have some money you can go for a Premium version of the W3 Total Cache plugin.

Create Clear Navigation for your menu, Because of that users can easily click on which they are want to read.

If you don’t¬†know how to design a theme. You can Also check Adsense Friendly WordPress Themes.

3) Create a Good Blog Title and Description

Create a Unique and Impressive Blog Title and Description of your Blog. First of all, you need to Choose your Blog Title. The Blog Title depends on Your TLD ( Top Level Domain ).

Then you need to plan what topic you have knowledge of. Then create a Goog Description on that topic. If your Blog is Related to Technology create a Description like Below Description.

“Your Blog Name” Knows for Technology Tips, Tricks, Tech News, Technology Facts, Techno Information in GoodIntension. We also provide Blogging, WordPress Tips, Tutorials and Much More.

In your Blog Description, you need to add all the information about your Blog which you can provide in your Blog. Like the topic, Category, and Sub-category, etc.

4) Create Some Pages

Before going for Google Adsense Approval you need to create some pages for your website like About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and Contact Us. These all pages indicate that your website is Trusted and safe for daily use.

Google required all these pages. The user can easily find information on your website on these pages.

Contact us page is required for communication and easily you can reply to your user with an answer. The privacy policy page indicates which data you are given by users like email, Contact, etc, or how you can manage these data.

Which type of ad network are you use on your site? which type of cookies and Beacons are you use? all this information is stored on your privacy policy page.

Google gives privilege to these websites which have these all pages.

5) High Quality and Unique Content

Write high-quality and unique content on your site. Write content that contains user interaction. Always write unique content you can easily write unique content with the help of extensions on Chrome like Grammarly or using some websites like

High Quality Content
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Write a User-friendly article. You need to set grammar, paragraph, Heading, Bold Text, and use some images to create a unique article.

6) Domain Age

Before applying to Adsense you need to check your domain age. Your domain should be 2 months old from buying date. Because the new domain is difficult to rank, the old domain can easily rank in the search engine because of their user interaction.

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If you are going to buy a new domain today so you can apply for Adsense after 2 months or 1 Month. It depends on your Blog ranking.

Domain Age matters to rank or to get Google Adsense Account Approval.

7) Theme

Installing a theme is easy, but design these themes is a difficult job. Use an Adsense-friendly and well-designed theme for your Blog. Using a lot of customized themes is difficult to rank because of their JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Use a light theme for your Blog. Like schema, Genesis, Newspaper, NewsMag, etc. You can also use Bootstrap templates for your WordPress Blog by converting them to a WordPress theme.

Also, if you have cloud Hosting you can go for the Bootstrap template. Bootstrap templates are highly customized and light to load. In some bootstrap templates, all coding files are minified.

Google AdSense Approval
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I recommend you use a bootstrap template for your website.

You can also check your website loading speed by the PageSpeed Insights tool of Google. Here you will get all the data about your PageSpeed of your website on Desktop and Android Platform.

8) No Copied Content

Google does not like copied content or copy content from another site. By the law of copyright, you can not copy other material of their own without their permission.

Each creator has their own policies like Google, Google also has some policies of many products. If you copy another’s content Google Adsense cannot approve your website.

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The copy is illegal. The copyright word is born in the 18th century with the invention of the printing press. The first law of copyright is Licensing of the press act 1662.

9) Logo and Favicon

You need to design a Good logo and favicon for your website Because it represents your site identity. Logo interacts with people to visit your site.

Generating a Logo and Favicon is not a Big deal. You can also design a beautiful logo using some software like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc. Also, have a lot of online tools to create a favicon.

Here are some online tools to create a logo or Favicon. Use one of them to create a Unique and Good logo and favicon for your website.

10) Traffic and Ranking

Traffic and Ranking matters to get Google Adsense Approval. Google also checks your site traffic and ranking in search engines. Google serves ads on those websites where the traffic is good and the ranking of these websites is Good.

You can generate a lot of traffic by using SEO or providing Good content to people which they have to see. create Unique content, Google can automatically rank your website in their search engine.

11) Search Engines Webmaster Tools

Submit your Blog siteMap to all search engine Webmaster Tools. Search engine crawlers can crawl your website sitemap and index your posts in the search results.

First of all, you need to create a sitemap for your website. A sitemap is a Map where contains all information about your websites like posts, tags, images, and much more. The Sitemap is an XML file. Every website has a Sitemap and the default link to open sitemap is &

The Sitemap helps us in SEO and Ranking.

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12) Proper Navigation

Set Proper navigation for your websites like header menu, footer menu, and Top menu. Create a Navigation that can easy to surf your website.

Create some widgets on the sidebar like Popular category, Popular Post, Popular comments, etc. Clear your page Navigation on your website.

13) Branded Email Address

Before applying to Google Adsense for Approval you need to create a Brandes Email address of your website. Like [email protected]

The branded email address shows the site is a Brand. Make your blog branded by creating a Branded Email address.

In some cases, Google Likes Branded email address. Create a Branded email address and apply for Google Adsense.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed Google Adsense Approval. I don’t 100% sure all these points give you a Google Adsense Approval but in some cases, it works. Google Adsense has strong algorithms and policies. If you follow all policies of Google Adsense you will get Google Adsense Approval.

If you like this post, Then share it with your friends because they get the benefit of this post.

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