Best Backlinks Checker Tools in 2021

If you’re looking for Backlinks Checker Tools, So welcome here, In this article we list the most and tested Best backlinks checker Tools. It helps you to check how are your backlinks or how from them are works.

Regards with SEO, there are a lot of things are changed but only one thing stays constant is Backlinks.

Ranking in Google is not an easy job but by backlinks, it is not very difficult. Google updated their penguin’s algorithm or also deleted a lot of blogs by google. By this update, Google added so many factors to rank your website.

Backlinks mean to connect your site to someone’s site or link your page from their site. When a user will visit someone website or if they will be added your website URL of specific page or post if the user like keyword they will click on that URL and redirect to your website by this your ranking also increases.

There are two types of backlinks are Nofollow or Dofollow. Dofollow backlinks mean these links that the google crawler follows the links. The Nofollow backlinks mean Google crawlers don’t follow these links.

You can also rank your blog without using Backlinks If you have a Blog in Blogger here some tips for your Blogger Seo Best SEO setting for Blogger.

Popular and Tested Backlinks Checker Tools to Find Backlinks:

1) SEMRUSH: Most popular with a lot of features

SEMRUSH is a paid or free backlinks checker tool. In last update these added Backlinks checker tool. It checks your website valid backlinks. It will create reports about how are come from DA & PA website. Also shows these DA & PA or backlinks.

You can also compare your backlinks or your competitor backlinks. If you want to try SEMRUSH for 14 days for free. If you don’t like SEMRUSH you can also cancel your order in 14 days.

SEMRUSH have a powerful database. They also update it daily. You can also check your site backlinks by this tools.

Backlink checker tools
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2) Ahrefs: Most Popular with most features

Sign up on Ahrefs and get all analytics of your website. It will give you all the data about your website like Backlinks, Audience report, SEO strategy, Keyword Planner etc.

The Ahrefs backlinks checker is a free tool that it will give you all analytics about backlinks. It shows also Top 10, Top 100 backlinks with a comparison. You will easily get data about Website DA & PA info of your website or your competitors’ website. You can also check their backlinks where from they are coming etc.

In the following screenshot, you’ll get Ahrefs backlinks checker review.

Backlink Checker tools
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3) SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools was founded in 2013. It is the best tools to check backlinks of all type. SEO Review Tools gives us information about External links to your website, Follow links, Referring domains, Referring IP’s etc.

This tool gave you all analytics of your website. After the Aherfs the SEO Review Tools is on no 1 in digital companies.

The SEO Review Tools provides many tools for SEO of your website like Technical SEO Tools, Social media Tools, SEO Authority Tools, Content SEO Tools etc.

In the following screenshot, you will get all information about this Backlinks checker tools or also get information about how it works?

Seo Review tools
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4) Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a webmaster tool. The Google Search Console Tools is a Google Webmaster Tools. It will give you all the data about your website. You will get information about links to your websites under the “Search Traffic” section.

There you’ll see data of links to your website, as well as most linked and ranked content. Keyword ranking etc.

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